Integrated Timber Producer

As one of the leading premier wood product producer, we have an extensive range of species of Tropical Hardwood, as well as Heavy Hardwood, Medium Hardwood and Mixed Light Hardwood (MLHW). Our forest concession is manages for the Sustainable Management System on a rotation cycle basis under the FMU management system and is regulated by the Forestry Department of Malaysia. Our logs and sawn timber products are already certified by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) through a COC and our groups are presently working for a FSC status. Our primary operations are saw milling, timber treatment and kiln drying.







(Sawn timber of tropical hardwood species)



As practically as possible;

  • Sawn timber of cut to length and of all grade
  • To source mainly from the Group own certified forest
  • Certified by Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC)
  • To provide and maintain a safe and conducive working place
  • Kiln dried timber of select & better and standard & better grade
  • To urge our suppliers to have their forest certified
  • In the midst of getting certified by FSC
  • To comply strictly with the relevance acts, regulations & standards
  • Treated timber





Our manufacturing activities are recognised under the SGS chain of custody certification. In compliance with market forces, our products have fulfilled the below timber certifications :-

  • The MTCC Certification with certificate number COC 014 since year 1997.
  • The FSC Certification - under application.


Factory Operations

The first procedure is the processing of the sawn logs. Our experts shall ensure that the sawn logs are of the highest standard and constantly graded for quality.

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